KS – is an independent film studio which provides a professional service for all kinds of production including television commercials, films, corporate films, TV series, music videos, short films, animation, green screen VFX elements, TV station promos.

Our unit caters all aspects of film production – from a full range of specialists to equipment and wardrobe.


First and second studio areas with in 300 kW power supply;

Third area (350 sq m) in the middle of both studios, which can cater anything needed for production and the set;

A nearly 1000 sq m area for production offices which includes make up and wardrobe rooms, fitting areas and green rooms.

A warehouse area of nearly 2000 sq m, next to the studio area.

4G high speed wireless connection is available around the studio.

4 ha of backlot outside the studio which can be used for outside set buildings required by the scene. Lithuanian art and construction departments have been praised by a number of film makers from all around the world.


First              1000/42/24 length/width | light grid 12

Second         1000/42/24 length/width | light grid 12


KS – studio is situated in a green area surrounded by nature, a 25-minute drive from Vilnius centre, in Lithuania.

From the studio you can easily reach the
key objects required for production:

14 km to the Vilnius airport;
15 km to the Vilnius old town;

14 km to the Warehouses area.


+370 678 57 697



Coordinates for map:
54.61998°N 25.45662°E

Senasis Minsko pl. 92
Vilnius district / Rukainai parish
Bareikiškiai village